Samantha Cowell, LLL Isle of Man

Photo and cake courtesy of LLL Isle of Man

Samantha suggests alternative titles for Series Meetings to discuss ways that breastfeeding can affect the whole family, including how friends and family can support and complement the nursing relationship between mother and baby.

Meeting 1: Breastfeeding and Me

Discussion ideas to explore together:

  • How has breastfeeding affected you?
  • Do you think breastfeeding has helped you parent your baby?
  • How has breastfeeding helped you grow as a person?
  • What messages would you like your children to receive about breastfeeding?
  • What has helped you feel a connection with other women through breastfeeding?

Meeting 2: Breastfeeding and Family

Discussion ideas to explore together:

  • In what ways are caregivers, other than mother, important for a child’s healthy development?
  • How can people around us best support a breastfeeding mother and child?
  • How can mothers help loved ones understand the importance of breastfeeding and the normal behaviors of breastfed children?
  • In what ways does breastfeeding affects the relationship between siblings?

Meeting 3: Breastfeeding and Society

Discussion ideas to explore together:

  • Have you ever felt judged or criticized in your feeding choices?
  • What have you found helpful when faced with criticism or a breastfeeding challenge?
  • Have you ever felt praised and encouraged?
  • What positive comments supporting you and your baby were particularly uplifting?
  • Whose attitude affects you the most?
  • How have your thoughts and actions changed because of your experiences so far?
  • How do our personalities influence the way we handle criticism or praise?

Meeting 4: Breastfeeding and Health

Discussion ideas to explore together:

  • Has pregnancy and breastfeeding changed your awareness of the impact of our diet?
  • How do you think breastfeeding has affected your family’s health?
  • Which healthy first foods did you choose to offer your baby?
  • How do you balance the needs of each family member with regard to personal tastes and special requirements?
Samantha Cowell has been a Leader with LLL Isle of Man since 2012.  She has two daughters aged six and four and a baby son who is one. Samantha enjoys taking calls as part of La Leche League Great Britain’s Helpline team, along with supporting local mothers one-to-one and via a busy Facebook group.
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