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Alternative Series Meetings Titles

Jayne Joyce, Oxford, United Kingdom Bored with your meeting titles? Jayne Joyce offers a choice of new ideas for your Series Meetings with various themes from using book titles to…..

8 minutes read

Dealing with Difficult Meetings

Annette Green, Modi’in, Israel Does one mother tend to dominate your meetings? Annette shares tips to manage difficult meetings to make sure all mothers have space to share and be…..

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Reporting on Your Series Meeting

Annette Green, Modi’in, Israel Writing a Series Meeting summary for your support Leader or District Coordinator (DC) is a recommended activity discussed in the Leader’s Handbook (page 85). A meeting…..

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Group Meetings Twice a Month

Annette Green, Modi’in, Israel In 1956, the seven Founders of La Leche League began helping mothers through  monthly meetings. La Leche League and Series Meetings were born. When I became…..

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Supporting Leader Applicants Through Technology

Cynthia Mann and Barbarie Palmer, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada Cynthia and I fell into LLL leadership and into supporting Leader Applicants in the same way we learned to mother our children—by…..

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Series Meeting Plan: A Family Affair

Samantha Cowell, LLL Isle of Man Photo and cake courtesy of LLL Isle of Man Samantha suggests alternative titles for Series Meetings to discuss ways that breastfeeding can affect the…..

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When Meeting Introductions Are the Meeting

Kathy Grossman, Moab, Utah, USA Adapted from eConnect, LLL of US West Area Network’s electronic newsletter for Leaders, Issue 27, April/May/June 2013 A good time for participants to introduce themselves…..

10 minutes read

LLL Mixing Causes

Cindy Garrison, Interim Director of the Leader Accreditation Department (LAD) Cindy and Mariana Petersen, Interim Administrator of Leader Accreditation (ALA) for Latin America, presented several LAD sessions at the Latin…..