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A Leader Applicant Kit

Deborah Robertson, Rochester, United Kingdom LLL Kent is a busy Group in the United Kingdom with 14 active co-Leaders. Over the last 22 years, LLL Kent has seen 22 Leader…..

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A Day in the Life of a Leader

Helen Gray, London, Great Britain There are five traditional responsibilities of leadership: helping mothers, planning and leading Series Meetings, managing the Group, keeping up to date, and helping mothers prepare…..

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The Happy Knappy Knitting Pattern

The Happy Knappy is a knitted nappy complete with five circles of different coloured poop to represent the normal colour changes that accompany a good intake of breast milk in…..

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Ideas para recaudar fondos para los grupos

  Traducido por Dunia Guerrero, Lima, Perú   Los gastos relacionados con tener un grupo de LLL incluyen la compra de nuevos libros y panfletos para la biblioteca. Para algunos…..

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Writing with Respect

Juanita Watt, Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA Adapted from LADders 2015-3 No. 22. Newsletter for members of the Leader Accreditation Department Respect. This word is used frequently in La Leche…..

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A New Co-Leader in Four Easy Steps

Suzy Landreth, Nebraska, USA Adapted from an article in the Nebraska Pioneer, Spring/Summer 2013   I remember years ago when my mother purchased a new Video Cassette Recorder (VCR). Yes,…..

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LLL Mixing Causes

Cindy Garrison, Interim Director of the Leader Accreditation Department (LAD) Cindy and Mariana Petersen, Interim Administrator of Leader Accreditation (ALA) for Latin America, presented several LAD sessions at the Latin…..

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Coaching Leader Applicants

As Leaders, one of our most important responsibilities is working with Leader Applicants. It is an investment of time and energy for everyone. The more time we put into working with a Leader Applicant, the more likely she will feel confident and well-prepared when she signs her Statement of Commitment…