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Practicing Helping Skills

Linda Wieser, Nova Scotia, Canada Special thanks to Karin Gausman author of the original article, “Helping Applicants Learn Telephone Helping Skills,” Leaven, June-July 2002. “I’m really nervous about helping mothers…..

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Accredited! Do I Still Need the LAD?

Marie-Claire Bakker, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates For many Leaders, their closest contact with the Leader Accreditation Department (LAD) is during their own application periods when they will have conversed…..

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El Diálogo pre Solicitud

Mariana de Petersen, Guatemala ciudad capital, Guatemala   Como Líderes es importante que tengamos un diálogo en profundidad con la madre interesada antes de escribir una recomendación y pedirle que…..

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Positioning: A New Perspective

Mary Francell, Atlanta, Georgia, USA   When I first became an LLL Leader over 20 years ago, I was told that breastfeeding is a learned behavior. This always struck me…..

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The Pre-Application Dialogue

Mariana de Petersen, Guatemala City, Guatemala   As Leaders it’s important that we have a thorough dialogue with an interested mother before writing her recommendation and asking her to fill…..

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A Leader Applicant Kit

Deborah Robertson, Rochester, United Kingdom LLL Kent is a busy Group in the United Kingdom with 14 active co-Leaders. Over the last 22 years, LLL Kent has seen 22 Leader…..

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A Day in the Life of a Leader

Helen Gray, London, Great Britain There are five traditional responsibilities of leadership: helping mothers, planning and leading Series Meetings, managing the Group, keeping up to date, and helping mothers prepare…..

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The Happy Knappy Knitting Pattern

The Happy Knappy is a knitted nappy complete with five circles of different coloured poop to represent the normal colour changes that accompany a good intake of breast milk in…..

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Ideas para recaudar fondos para los grupos

6 de enero de 2016 Traducido por Dunia Guerrero, Lima, Perú   Los gastos relacionados con tener un grupo de LLL incluyen la compra de nuevos libros y panfletos para…..