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LLLI 60th Anniversary Celebrations

October 1, 2016–September 30, 2017. Sheri Parpia, former LLLI Board member and Board Chair, and Carolyn Driver-Burgess, Board member from Zone South Pacific/Asia, are heading a taskforce for LLLI’s 60th…..

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LLLI Board Selects Bostrom as Management Partner

For nearly 60 years, La Leche League International has been a global forum, marketplace, and education organization for mothers, healthcare professionals, and the public. La Leche League’s unique style of mother-to-mother support continues to promote a better understanding…

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Psoriasis and Breastfeeding

As a breastfeeding mother Christine Jones-Wollerton has personally experienced the challenges of living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Today she uses her experiences gained over the last decade to help…..

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When Breastfeeding and Culture Meet

The other day, I met a work colleague, Stan, in the middle of a doorway. We laughed as we passed each other, because he had to duck to avoid hitting his head on the overhead hinge, and I could easily walk under his arm as he held the door. We joked that what we had just done was completely outside the other’s realm of experience…

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Coaching Leader Applicants

As Leaders, one of our most important responsibilities is working with Leader Applicants. It is an investment of time and energy for everyone. The more time we put into working with a Leader Applicant, the more likely she will feel confident and well-prepared when she signs her Statement of Commitment…

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Face to Face or Facebook?

Breastfeeding support pages on Facebook can be very different from real life support at an informal breastfeeding group or a La Leche League Series Meeting. In a face-to-face group, women with babies and toddlers sit together to talk about everything that needs discussing, just like small, close communities do…

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Guidelines for Leaders on Facebook

Adapted from Sara Dale-Bley’s article in eConnect Number 31, the LLL US West Area Network publication for Leaders and LLL Administrators, April–June 2014 Facebook, a useful tool As an online social…..

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A Board Meeting Isn’t Boring!

Each year, the LLLI Update containing the Board actions from the spring Annual Meeting, is distributed electronically to the LLL Community. Some may feel our reports may sound a little boring and dry. It is hard to reflect on paper or online what takes place at the actual Board meetings, which are rich with interaction…