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Asking about Childbirth Interventions

Tova Ovits, Brooklyn, New York, USA Originally printed in Leaven Issue 2, 2014. “Hello? Yes, this is La Leche League. How can I . . . ? Mmm hmmm. Yes……

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Breastfeeding Today

Barbara Higham, Managing Editor of Breastfeeding Today On July 22, 2015 La Leche League International (LLLI) launched a mobile-friendly version of our signature magazine Breastfeeding Today. Founded in 2010 in…..

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Adapting a Doll to Breastfeed

Tova Ovits, Brooklyn, New York, USA Plastic dolls, no matter how lifelike, cannot be cuddled to a mother’s body to demonstrate helpful breastfeeding positions. Some open-mouthed plastic dolls sold for…..

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Islamic and Cultural Practices in Breastfeeding

Shaheda Yashmin, Clapham, Great Britain Photo: Fotosearch Breastfeeding is important to me for several reasons. One reason is my religion. As a Muslim parent, I always try to follow Islamic…..

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Postpartum Depression

  Hanny Ghazi, LLLF Spanish-speaking moms, France LLL believes that mother and baby need to be together early and often to establish a satisfying relationship and an adequate milk supply. And…..

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When a Mother Experiences Infant Loss

By Lisa Thompson, Michigan, Indiana, USA   I remember when I saw the news. I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, looking for a birth announcement. Sarah1, one of the…..

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Depresión Postparto

Hanny Ghazi, Grupo LLL en español, Francia LLL cree que la madre y su bebé necesitan estar juntos y a menudo para poder establecer una relación satisfactoria y una adecuada…..

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Sudden Weaning for Medical Reasons

Sarah McCann, Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland Adapted from her blog “Breastfeeding Resources, Northern Ireland,” posted August 2, 2011.   Sudden weaning in order to take a medication comes with risks and…..

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Pumping in the Workplace

Adapted from “Handling Legal Calls: Pumping in the Workplace,” Northern LLLights, LLL of Minnesota and the Dakotas’ Area Leaders’ Letter, Winter 2014 Jo Hillard Carrane, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA In…..