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Pregnancy to Lactation

Adapted from Pregnancy to Lactation: A Physiological Continuum. A talk by Michel Odent M.D. hosted by LLL South West London, Great Britain, 10th October 2017. Write-up by Deborah Hanson, La…..

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What Is the Concorde Hold?

Adapted from Tongue Tie: What More Can We Offer? A presentation by Myrte van Lonkhuijsen for the LLLI 60th Anniversary Online Conference. Write-up by Mary Francell, Atlanta, Georgia, USA LLLI’s…..

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Communicating Loving Guidance in Series Meetings

Philippa Pearson-Glaze, West Midlands, United Kingdom From infancy on, children need loving guidance which reflects acceptance of their capabilities and sensitivity to their feelings. La Leche League Philosophy La Leche…..

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The Unmothered Mother

Jayne Joyce, Oxfordshire, La Leche League Great Britain An unmothered mother sits in a La Leche League meeting.  “Think about a moment when you felt mothered,” says the Leader.  “What…..

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When There Are Two—Breastfeeding Twins

Clare Davidson, Derbyshire, England Adapted from a write-up of a discussion on breastfeeding twins by Sarah Gill and Sadie Morrison at the La Leche League Great Britain (LLLGB) Conference on…..

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¿Qué es el Departamento de Enlace Profesional?

Philippa Pearson-Glaze y Mary Francell Traducido por Amaranta Avendaño, Buenos Aires, Argentina. El Departamento de Enlace Profesional (PL Dept) de la Liga de La Leche está disponible en muchas partes…..

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What Is the Professional Liaison Department?

Philippa Pearson-Glaze and Mary Francell The Professional Liaison Department (PL Dept) of La Leche League is available in many parts of the world to provide support and information to Leaders…..

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James McKenna and Breastsleeping

Mary Francell, Georgia, USA Image courtesy of Kathryn O’Donnell The LLL of Georgia, USA, Breastfeeding and Parenting Conference with a concurrent Healthcare Provider Seminar and Leader Enrichment Workshop took place…..

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Translating Our Digital Magazines

Soledad Etchemendy, Barcelona, Spain I did not grow up bilingual, but I count myself lucky that my parents wanted me to learn other languages and paid for lessons. For me,…..