10 minutes read

When Breastfeeding and Culture Meet

The other day, I met a work colleague, Stan, in the middle of a doorway. We laughed as we passed each other, because he had to duck to avoid hitting his head on the overhead hinge, and I could easily walk under his arm as he held the door. We joked that what we had just done was completely outside the other’s realm of experience…

9 minutes read

Face to Face or Facebook?

Breastfeeding support pages on Facebook can be very different from real life support at an informal breastfeeding group or a La Leche League Series Meeting. In a face-to-face group, women with babies and toddlers sit together to talk about everything that needs discussing, just like small, close communities do…

5 minutes read

Guidelines for Leaders on Facebook

Adapted from Sara Dale-Bley’s article in eConnect Number 31, the LLL US West Area Network publication for Leaders and LLL Administrators, April–June 2014 Facebook, a useful tool As an online social…..