Barbara Higham, Managing Editor of Breastfeeding Today

On July 22, 2015 La Leche League International (LLLI) launched a mobile-friendly version of our signature magazine Breastfeeding Today. Founded in 2010 in an online magazine format, this publication contains uplifting and empowering stories, helpful referenced information, news, and reviews. It is aimed at expectant parents, breastfeeding mothers, families, and supporters at all stages of the parenting journey.

Goodbye old format

The launch of the responsive, digital version of the magazine this summer is intended to better serve our audience, allowing them to read the posts on all mobile devices. The online magazine was at best a compromise because back in 2010 readers still wanted the option of buying the paper magazine. Producing an online publication that worked on paper and online was a challenge. Many found the online magazine version difficult to read and navigate on screen. In addition, while it looked nice in print, it was very expensive to buy the paper magazine—and, of course, the live links did not work and could not be updated once in print.

Hello new website format!

The new website format enables readers to share articles easily with the click of a button. Down the lefthand side of each post you have the option of sharing any individual article on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google or via email. You can engage in the content by commenting directly on the website below every post. Please share both the articles and your thoughts on them and help reach our global audience!

Protect copyright

Authors give their time and expertise to write articles for us, and photographers share their beautiful images. Please be sure to share articles with a link to the original rather than adapting them or “LLLovingly Lifting” the text for other LLL publications or websites. This breaches copyright and affects our viewing statistics.

A rich resource, a great search function

I have been busy updating and uploading the Breastfeeding Today material from the last five years in addition to producing new issues every eight weeks.

I have enjoyed revisiting the magazines and making the information more accessible and, most importantly, searchable. It has been a matter of great frustration to me to see Leaders sharing stories and articles from non-LLL sources when we have had our own up-to-date ones all along, but no one knew how to find them! The search function on works well and the more posts we add the better it will become.


The new website has the same categories as the magazine:

  • Features (these are referenced articles, reflective pieces, news or reviews),
  • Mothers’ Stories (personal stories),
  • Mom To Mom (responses to a mother’s situation posed in the previous issue and inviting responses to a new situation),
  • What’s Cooking? (recipes and nutrition).

We have two new sections:

  • Translations
    As many of our readers speak a native language other than English, some articles are now being translated into Spanish, French, and German. In fact, in the next issue, we have a mother’s story written for us first in Spanish and translated into English and a feature translated from Dutch into English by its author. LLLI is excited about new opportunities to raise awareness, and, through these translations, we hope to continue to expand the breastfeeding community through a growing number of posts.
  • BT Feed
    This contains a selection of videos and a couple of audio recordings. We really want to build on this part of the website and welcome your contributions, please!

Submission guidelines

Without your contributions to all sections of the website there would be no Breastfeeding Today, so please write and share your stories. The submission guidelines can be found here.

Tell your story

Every mother has a story of her own to tell. Storytelling has been at the heart of cultures since the beginning of time. Projecting ourselves through stories helps us understand the world around us better. As mothers, our stories are incredibly important; they connect us on a deep and intimate level.

Making it easier for readers to access the posts in Breastfeeding Today online and on-the-go supports our mission to connect and support mothers and their communities. Whether it is a simple and straightforward story or an unusual and challenging one, sharing the experience helps both teller and listener. That is a fundamentally female approach to problem solving. Mother-to-mother sharing is at the heart of all LLLI support, in the referenced research, in evidence-based information, and in the reflections, as well as in personal stories. It’s what makes LLLI support extra special.

Please visit us at!

The new format for Breastfeeding Today gives LLLI the ability to reach an ever-growing number of mothers and families worldwide. It offers new ways to engage with a wider audience.

Please visit, explore, comment, and share what is there! It is YOUR resource to make available to the mothers you support. Use it!

Barbara Higham is an LLL Leader and has worked in LLL Publications since her accreditation in 2004. She lives with Simon and their three children, Felix (17), Edgar (14), and Amelia (10) in the spa town of Ilkley in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. She is the Managing Editor of Breastfeeding Today:
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