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Appendix 38

by Linda Wieser, Nova Scotia, Canada Do you know what Appendix 38 is? First clue: It is found in the LLLI Policies and Standing Rules (PSR) Notebook.  Second clue: It…..

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Email Helping—Practice for Leader Applicants

Linda Wieser, Nova Scotia, Canada When practicing helping questions, Leader Applicants often want to start with a practice email. They assume it will be much easier than responding to a…..

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Alternative Series Meetings Titles

Jayne Joyce, Oxford, United Kingdom Bored with your meeting titles? Jayne Joyce offers a choice of new ideas for your Series Meetings with various themes from using book titles to…..

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Communicating Loving Guidance in Series Meetings

Philippa Pearson-Glaze, West Midlands, United Kingdom From infancy on, children need loving guidance which reflects acceptance of their capabilities and sensitivity to their feelings. La Leche League Philosophy La Leche…..

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Focus on Breastfeeding Contest

The LLLI photography contest, Focus on Breastfeeding, has come to a close. Contestants submitted photographs in four categories: Breastfeeding and Working, Skin-to-Skin, Breastfeeding Everywhere and Special Moments. The panel of professional judges…..

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Practicando las habilidades de ayuda

  Linda Wieser, Nueva Escocia, Canadá Traducido por Rocío Bravo Antón, Antananarivo, Madagascar Agradezco especialmente a Karin Gausman, la autora del artículo original, “Helping Applicants Learn Telephone Helping Skills”, Leaven,…..

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Cuando son dos, amamantar gemelos

Clare Davidson, Derbyshire, Inglaterra Traducido por Amaranta Avendaño, Buenos Aires, Argentina Adaptación de la transcripción de la disertación sobre gemelos amamantados de Sara Gill y Sadie Morrison en la Conferencia…..

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Practicing Helping Skills

Linda Wieser, Nova Scotia, Canada Special thanks to Karin Gausman author of the original article, “Helping Applicants Learn Telephone Helping Skills,” Leaven, June-July 2002. “I’m really nervous about helping mothers…..