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El Diálogo pre Solicitud

Mariana de Petersen, Guatemala ciudad capital, Guatemala Como Líderes es importante que tengamos un diálogo en profundidad con la madre interesada antes de escribir una recomendación y pedirle que llene…..

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Karin Gausman Fund

Leader Accreditation Department Council   A fund has been set up in memory of Karin Gausman to express our deep gratitude to her for helping Leader Applicants and LAD representatives…..

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Tribute to the Life of Karin Gausman

5 September 1946 to 21 April 2016 Photo from left to right: Toshi Jolliffe, Kido Eri and her daughter, Alison Parkes, Karin Gausman and Eileen Harrison at 2010 LLL European…..

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Positioning: A New Perspective

Mary Francell, Atlanta, Georgia, USA When I first became an LLL Leader over 20 years ago, I was told that breastfeeding is a learned behavior. This always struck me as…..

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The Pre-Application Dialogue

Mariana de Petersen, Guatemala City, Guatemala As Leaders it’s important that we have a thorough dialogue with an interested mother before writing her recommendation and asking her to fill out…..

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Shaheda Yashmin, Clapham, Büyük Britanya Çeviri : Merve Çelik Toraman Fotoğraf:: Fotosearch Çeşitli nedenlerden dolayı anne sütü benim için önemlidir. Bunun bir nedeni de, benim dinimdir. Müslüman bir ebeveyn olarak, daima İslami…..

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The Happy Knappy Knitting Pattern

The Happy Knappy is a knitted nappy complete with five circles of different coloured poop to represent the normal colour changes that accompany a good intake of breast milk in…..