Date: August 8, 2015
To: LLLI Community
From: Diane Jeffer, Secretary, LLLI Board of Directors
Re: Actions from the LLLI Board of Directors Meeting held July 7-13, 2015


The LLLI Board of Directors met using video conference on July 7, 8, and 13, 2015. A Formal Session was conducted on July 13. LLLI Executive Director Katie Keel was present for the discussions and Formal Session.

The Board approved the second reading of a Bylaws amendment. Reports submitted from each Board committee were reviewed and discussed.

The next regular session of the Board will take place in the Chicago, Illinois, USA area in mid-October 2015. The Board’s Annual Session will be held in early 2016.

Executive Director

LLLI ED, Katie Keel, reported that she and the staff are working on plans for an update and re-launch of the LLLI website.

Breastfeeding Today will re-launch via a mobile-friendly website similar to Leader Today. The new format will include articles translated into Spanish, French, and German.

An e-list for Direct Connect Area Network (DCAN) administrators is being used to communicate between conference calls. The list has been used to share information and facilitate support for DCANs on a variety of issues, including the Strategic Plan and volunteers for LLLI Board task forces.

Staff members produced a full-page advertisement for the ILCA conference program; a presentation at the conference will include a slide highlighting LLLI to attendees.

Work is ongoing to revise the Translation Publishing Agreement for entities to complete when publishing translations of LLLI-copyrighted works.

The LLLI online store inventory is under review and recommendation has been made to the Board to streamline the store (items offered and how they are offered). The staff will research print-on-demand and electronic options for tear-off sheets/information sheets.

Jennifer Partynski was hired as full time Bostrom employee as of June 1st (Jennifer answers many LLLI phone calls from moms, family members, and Leaders.)

Audit, Finance, and Resource Development Committees

The LLLI independent audit for fiscal year 2014-2015 will begin in late July. A new auditor has been hired.

An LLLI budget for 2015-2016 is being developed. The Board has received monthly financials starting with the January 2015 report.

The LLLI 2015 Spring Appeal generated a record amount of donations; 70 donors increased their gifts over previous years. For the current fiscal year, the LLLI Board resolved to increase its annual donation goal by 20%.

The Resource Development Committee is developing a pilot project that utilizes the Peer Counselor Program and will present it to Rotary International as a possible partnership project.

Bylaws Committee

A second and final reading of the following Bylaws amendment was passed:


LLLI believes that breastmilk is the superior human food human milk is the natural food for babies and that mothering through breastfeeding is the most natural and effective way for a mother to understand and satisfy the needs of her baby.

Rationale: This revision brings the Bylaws into agreement with the recently amended “human milk” concept.

Policies and Standing Rules Appendix 26 “LLL Logo and Name Protection” is under revision to reflect new logo guidelines currently under development and the September 2014 amendment that royalties are no longer collected from LLL Leaders and entities on certain publications and items bearing the LLLI name and logo.

A task force is being established to discuss the “father’s role” concept of LLLI philosophy.

Carol Bartle, RN, RM, IBCLC, MHSc (HAC member) has agreed to coordinate the writing of a fact sheet with guidelines for Leaders to use in counseling mothers about milk donation and milk sharing.

Nominating Committee

Search letters will be sent to Zone USA, Zone Europe, and Zone Canada. Board seats allocated to these zones are due for election in March 2016.

60th Anniversary Workgroup

An international workgroup is continuing to develop plans for the 60th anniversary celebration that will begin in October 2016. Plans include an online conference, Building a Legacy, to be held in early 2017.

Volunteers are being sought for 60th Anniversary online conference and website coordinators to help get these projects under way.

Strategic Plan Committee

Three primary goals for the LLLI Strategic Plan were developed using input from the seven Direct Connect Area Networks. An international task force has been formed to develop objectives associated with these goals.

The three organizational goals outlined for LLLI are:

  1. For LLLI to reach mothers and families in their communities around the world.
  2. For LLLI to be recognized as a worldwide resource of mother-to-mother breastfeeding support.
  3. To nurture and grow LLLI as a sustainable international organization.

Professional Advisory Board Committee

The Board granted Emeritus status to two retiring Health Advisory Council (HAC) members.

A future Leader Today article will update Leaders on the current members of the three PAB Councils and the recently added Emeritus members.

The Committee is seeking professionals to serve as members for the Legal Advisory and Management Advisory Councils. Please contact the ED with recommendations.

PAB Communications Facilitators (PABCF) are also needed. Interested Leaders with Professional Liaison Department experience can contact the ED for more information.

Program Services Committee

Two Board workgroups have been established to review and discuss the processes and policies affecting LLLI Leader accreditation procedures.

Action Committee

The WABA/LLLI Peer Counselor Program (PCP) Initiative has generated a lot of interest. The PCP administrative coordinator’s curriculum has been revised and new sections have been added.

Emergency response materials in multiple languages developed by LLL in Asia will soon be available to the full LLLI community.


If you have questions or comments, please contact