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Practicing Helping Skills

Linda Wieser, Nova Scotia, Canada Special thanks to Karin Gausman author of the original article, “Helping Applicants Learn Telephone Helping Skills,” Leaven, June-July 2002. “I’m really nervous about helping mothers…..

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Remodeling the Mammary Gland

Françoise Railhet, France Scientists continue to uncover amazing things about human and animal anatomy, including discoveries related to lactation. The destruction of damaged or old cells is essential for the…..

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Dealing with Difficult Meetings

Annette Green, Modi’in, Israel Does one mother tend to dominate your meetings? Annette shares tips to manage difficult meetings to make sure all mothers have space to share and be…..

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The Unmothered Mother

Jayne Joyce, Oxfordshire, La Leche League Great Britain An unmothered mother sits in a La Leche League meeting.  “Think about a moment when you felt mothered,” says the Leader.  “What…..

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Destete Abrupto Por Razones Médicas

Sarah McCann, Carrickfergus, Irlanda del Norte Adaptado de su blog “Breastfeeding Resources, Northern Ireland”, publicado el 2 de agosto, 2011. Traducido por Amaranta Avendaño, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Un destete abrupto…..