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Focus on Breastfeeding Photo Contest

La Leche League International (LLLI) is holding a Photo Contest in Honor of its 60th Anniversary. The photo contest, Focus on Breastfeeding, is an exciting opportunity to provide breastfeeding images…..

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Guide Rapide sur le Code International (OMS)

Helen Gray, Londres, Angleterre Traduction : Charlotte Codron,  LLL Turquie, Antalya Le Code international de commercialisation des substituts du lait maternel de l’Organisation Mondiale de la Santé (OMS) concerne la commercialisation…..

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Three Generations of Leaders

Brooke Unger, Columbus, Ohio, USA There have been three generations of Leaders in my family; my grandmother Judy Good, my mother Jennifer Good Spires, my aunt Joyce Good Henderson and…..

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Feed the Baby—And the Microbes

Mary Francell, Atlanta, Georgia, USA In recent years, there has been widespread interest in the role of beneficial bacteria in the human intestinal tract and throughout the body. Commensal  microbes…..

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Reporting on Your Series Meeting

Annette Green, Modi’in, Israel Writing a Series Meeting summary for your support Leader or District Coordinator (DC) is a recommended activity discussed in the Leader’s Handbook (page 85). A meeting…..

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Accredited! Do I Still Need the LAD?

Marie-Claire Bakker, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates For many Leaders, their closest contact with the Leader Accreditation Department (LAD) is during their own application periods when they will have conversed…..

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When There Are Two—Breastfeeding Twins

Clare Davidson, Derbyshire, England Adapted from a write-up of a discussion on breastfeeding twins by Sarah Gill and Sadie Morrison at the La Leche League Great Britain (LLLGB) Conference on…..

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A Quick Guide to the International (WHO) Code

Helen Gray, London, Great Britain The International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes from the World Health Organization (the Code) covers marketing and promotion of products meant to substitute for…..

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James McKenna y el Lacto-Descanso

Mary Francell, Georgia, EE. UU. Imagen cortesía de Kathryn O´Donnell Traducido por Amaranta Avendaño, Buenos Aires, Argentina. La Breastfeeding and Parenting Conference, de LLL Georgia, EE. UU., simultánea con el…..