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Meet the LLLI Professional Advisory Board

The international Professional Advisory Board provides voluntary assistance to LLLI by advising the Board of Directors and the Executive Director. The LLLI Professional Advisory Board (PAB) is comprised of three…..

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A New Co-Leader in Four Easy Steps

Suzy Landreth, Nebraska, USA Adapted from an article in the Nebraska Pioneer, Spring/Summer 2013   I remember years ago when my mother purchased a new Video Cassette Recorder (VCR). Yes,…..

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Milk Matters: Infant feeding & immune disorder

Maureen Minchin, Geelong, Australia, 2015 Book excerpt reprinted with permission. Photo:Shutterstock/Jag_cz   Complementary feeding: legal implications and duty of care How many mothers would be willing to give early formula…..

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Being an LLL Leader—Is it All for Nothing?

Helen Gray, London, Great Britain Photo courtesy Mary Jane Bennett, Maui Helen ponders on the fact that although LLL Leaders receive no financial reward in exchange for giving their time…..

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Islamic and Cultural Practices in Breastfeeding

Shaheda Yashmin, Clapham, Great Britain Photo: Fotosearch Breastfeeding is important to me for several reasons. One reason is my religion. As a Muslim parent, I always try to follow Islamic…..

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Breast Milk’s Circadian Rhythms

Briana Tillman, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA Photo:Shutterstock/Leonid and Anna Dedukh Human milk’s complex adaptations are amazing. Breast milk undergoes biochemical changes during a feeding; the consistency develops visually over the…..