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LLL Indonesia

F.B. Monika Purba, LLL Indonesia Monika became a Leader in the United States. After living in New York, USA, for several years, she returned to Indonesia. Several months later, she…..

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LLL Israel

Hannah Katsman, Petach Tikva, Israel LLL thriving in Israel! Just two or three years ago, we thought that LLL Groups in Israel were dying. One of our Leaders said “moms…..

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When Meeting Introductions Are the Meeting

Kathy Grossman, Moab, Utah, USA Adapted from eConnect, LLL of US West Area Network’s electronic newsletter for Leaders, Issue 27, April/May/June 2013 A good time for participants to introduce themselves…..

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LLL Mixing Causes

Cindy Garrison, Interim Director of the Leader Accreditation Department (LAD) Cindy and Mariana Petersen, Interim Administrator of Leader Accreditation (ALA) for Latin America, presented several LAD sessions at the Latin…..

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Pumping in the Workplace

Adapted from “Handling Legal Calls: Pumping in the Workplace,” Northern LLLights, LLL of Minnesota and the Dakotas’ Area Leaders’ Letter, Winter 2014 Jo Hillard Carrane, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA In…..

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Icebreakers for Meetings

In a La Leche League monthly Series Meeting, mothers gather in a group for an informal discussion for the first part of each session. The Leader will often start by…..